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Charges and Fees

  1. Application fee: 200 RMB

  2. Tuition fee:

    Chinese Language Trainee(long term): 10,500 RMB per year, 5,250 RMB per semester.

    Chinese Language Trainee(short term): 2000 RMB for 4 weeks, 2500 RMB for 6 weeks, 3000RMB for 8 weeks.


    Chinese Language and Culture Major: 11,000 RMB per year

    Arts: 12,000 -13,000RMB per year

    Sciences: 14,000 RMB per year

    Master Degree Candidate:

    Arts: 15,000 RMB per year

    Sciences: 18,000 RMB per year

    PhD Candidate:

    Arts: 19,000 RMB per year

    Sciences: 22,000 RMB per year

  3. Insurance fee: 600 RMB per year; 300 RMB per semester


Regulation on Payments

  1. General trainees can choose to pay the tuition fee for one year or one semester according to the duration of study. Other students shall pay the tuition fee for one year in full.

  2. International students shall pay the tuition fee within one month since the start of the new semester. Then the university will issue Proof of Study (identifying the same study duration according to the tuition payment) to international students for applying for residence permit.

  3. Principally, tuition fee will not be refunded one month after the start of new semester. Questions related to tuition fee refunding due to discontinuance or suspension of study, please contact staffs in the International Student Office.