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mg4155vip平台入口:Middle Tennessee State University delegation visits International College

A delegation of two from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), led by Dr. Guanping Zheng, visited International College on December 10.


International College officials and the MTSU delegation talk about the joint programs

Deputy deans Chen Bilan and Liang Shuhong talked with the delegation. Both sides discussed the program plan, curriculum design and credit transfer of their joint “3+1+1” bachelor-master programs of Finance, Mathematical Finance and Business Administration.

MTSU delegation meets with students

The delegation then met with around 300 students from the university. Zheng introduced MTSU and the joint bachelor-master programs in terms of curriculum design, employment prospects, requirements for further study.

He also answered questions from teachers and students, about MTSU’s professional advantages, course assessment and food and accommodation.


Officials from the College of Mathematics and Information Science, Business School and International College of Guangxi University attended the events.