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mg4155vip平台入口:International College holds fire drill to teach self-rescue skills

International College freshmen participated in a fire drill on October 15. The event aimed to increase the students’ security awareness and improve self-rescue abilities in the face of fire emergencies.


The drill was organized by the International College and supported by Guangxi University’s security department. About 350 newly-enrolled Chinese and international students took part in the drill, which taught them how to save themselves in case of a fire, how to use fire extinguishers and how to put out small fires.


Huang Guangdian, fire safety officer at Guangxi University, stressed that it is significant and necessary for students to learn fire protection skills. He also pointed out that in case of emergencies, students should call the university’s security department via 3235110 or 119 emergency phone number at once.


Huang introduced the usage and precautions of some fire-fighting equipment, such as ABC portable extinguishers, carbon dioxide extinguishers and fire hoses. Students were then asked to operate the facilities by themselves.


During the drill, the freshmen improved their security awareness and learned how to manage emergencies. The event was believed to have helped students know how to deal with sudden fire emergencies.