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mg4155vip平台入口:International College faculty succeed at university sports meeting

International College Party chief Qin Chengqiang cheers for the faculty team.

A faculty team from International College won titles in multiple sports programs during the 49th sports meeting of Guangxi University.

The sports meeting started at 8 am on November 8 and lasted for two days. After the opening ceremony, competitions for both school faculties and students began. Qin Chengqiang, the Party chief at the International College, cheered for the faculty team. 

During the two-day event, the International College team won 142.5 points and ranked 10th among all faculty teams.

Vice president Fan Zuojun encourages the faculty team. 

Fan Zuojun, the vice president of Guangxi University and dean of International College, also encouraged the team on the second day. At the International College area, he cheered for the team to strive in the competitions. 

Participants were inspired by the remarks. They warmed-up enthusiastically and showed strong determination to triumph in the competitions.

Cheerleaders cheer for competitors.

International College faculty got good grades at the games. On the first day, the team did well in the 100m, 1500m races and the high jump. They also performed well at the 4*100 relay races, 200m and 800m races, shot put, long jump, and women's "Super Caterpillar" team game the following day. The participants exhibited their passion and tenacious attitudes in the games.

Deputy dean Xiong Ying represents International College for awards ceremony.

Before the sports meeting, the faculty members also offered support during the competitions, from registration to cheerleader organization, and from logistics to news reporting.

He Huan competes in the women's 100m race.

Competitors pose for a photo after the games.

Faculty members compete in sports games.

Track and field competitors pose for a photo after the games.

Competitors pose for a photo after the games.

International College faculty team pose for a photo after the games.

International College faculty and students pose for a photo after the sports games.